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August 2017 (7)

My name’s Olly Parry-Jones. I’ve grown up in North Somerset, close to the Mendip Hills and don’t believe you have to travel far to find a great adventure. Most of the hiking I do is within a one hour drive from home and I can currently say (04/12/2017) that I’ve not been to the Lake District or Scotland!

It was in 2012, when I started walking. I was already a dog owner (RIP Katie – 31/07/2015) and known elsewhere as a furniture maker and woodworker. At the age of 27, I felt like I was spending too much time in isolation, at work or in my workshop and not seeing enough of the world. I felt lacking in experience.

One day in August of that year, I stopped waiting for someone else and took myself to Blaise Castle (in Bristol) for an afternoon. Next, came a visit to Ashton Court. Leigh Woods and Oldbury Court followed, before I bought a book of guided walks and headed on to the Mendip Hills alone.

In October, I joined Brunel 20s and 30s Walking Group. One month later, I attended my first walk. A steady stream of others would follow and I would go on to lead my first walk in April 2013! Since then, I’ve led the group on more than twenty occasions!

Walking, hiking, sauntering, exploring… I’m out every weekend!

As someone who struggles with anxiety and self-esteem issues, I find time, space, freedom and self-confidence in my hiking. My summer’s are filled with camping trips around the UK and I’m always looking to upgrade some item of kit!

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