Helvellyn via. Striding Edge

Thursday 15th September 2022

In another two-part write up, I’ll share my experience of the one walk I was most looking forward to in this week away – climbing Helvellyn via. the scramble of Striding Edge.

My morning began in the town of Glenridding, to the east of the mountains.

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Langdale Pikes (Part 2)

Wednesday 14th September 2022

Continuing on from Part 1, I had reached the plateau of the Langdale Pikes and stopped for lunch. Now, I must walk on towards the true Harrison Stickle before the rest of my walk.

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Langdale Pikes (Part 1)

Wednesday 14th September 2022

I’m going to try something different with this walk and break it up in to two halves. I’m often aware that my regular posts are never short in length; whether that’s for the quantity of words or photos. I could limit myself to ‘one photo and a few words’ per post so, I’m giving this a go.

This was my second walk of my week up in the Lake District. Having packed away my camping gear, I drove north to Great Langdale; knowing that, come the end of this day, I’d be checked in to my next campsite.

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Old Man of Coniston

Tuesday 13th September 2022

My first ever walk in the Lake District! I’d skipped the chance to climb Scafell Pike on Monday, as the weather was abysmal and it was more than an hour’s drive from the campsite. But Coniston was only twenty-five minutes north of where I was staying. I hadn’t ranked the Old Man too highly on my to-do list but it would be very convenient and probably worth doing.

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