Monthly Miles: December 2020

A look over my mileage from walks and runs in the close of 2020. Also totting up my total mileage for the year.

It is behind us! A new year is born and, while I’m looking forward to whatever may lie ahead, I’d like to reflect briefly on the final month of 2020 and tally up my mileage for the year.

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Monthly Miles: October 2020

Reviewing my miles and walks from October 2020.

I find it surprising to think back to where we were six months ago. Still in the grip of a proper Lockdown (unlike the current model) yet with certain restrictions easing, while some (myself included) made a steady return to work.

Yet this time in between has passed. That is significant. Much uncertainty may remain, as we attempt to look forwards. But recognising that time can and will pass is very important, in my opinion.

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Monthly Miles: September 2020

Briefly reviewing my walks from September 2020 and tallying up those miles.

Welcome to October! I can hardly believe it myself. Leaves are changing colour and beginning to fall. Some of us have already turned the heating on in our homes. With whatever lies ahead, I aim to continue walking.

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