Baking Healthy, Energy-Bar Flapjacks

For the past year and possibly a bit longer (I cannot confidently remember), I’ve been baking and consuming home-made flapjacks on a regular basis. I eat them at work each day but bake them primarily to assist my energy levels when out hiking at the weekends.

It is with thanks to Dave that I came across a recipe from MBR.

However, I’ve made my own amendments to suit my shopping habits, which you’ll find below.

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Layering for Winter

I felt it might be interesting and beneficial to write about and share how I wrap up for winter walking, now that we’re well in to the darkest season in the Northern Hemisphere.

I’d like to emphasise the fact that I am mostly a hillwalker, hiking around the south-west and west of England and that, at this time of year especially, I will rarely climb higher than 600m above sea level.

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Planning The Ridgeway: Food

Even if I was to wild camp my way along the eighty-seven mile trail and utilise available water taps as I go, I am still going to need a regular serving of food in order to complete even a single day on The Ridgeway (especially Day One, which still looks like it’s going to be a twenty-six miler…)

So, in this post, I’ll be looking at my current plans and thoughts towards feeding myself while following this National Trail, next month.

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