Month in Review: February 2021

Where did February go?! I’m pleased that March has arrived and that the spring weather will soon be upon us. But I’m also a little bit sad to think that this “perfect” months (28 days, beginning on a Monday, ending on a Sunday) is now a thing of the past.

View of St. Georges and Worle from a local field.

01/02 – 4.5 mile run – Wick St. Lawrence, North Somerset
03/02 – 2 mile run – St. Georges, Weston-super-Mare
05/02 – 2 mile run – St. Georges
06/02 – 2 mile run – St. Georges
07/02 – 13 miles – Uphill to Bleadon, North Somerset
08/02 – 3.5 mile run – Wick St. Lawrence
10/02 – 2 mile run – St. Georges
11/02 – 2 mile run – St. Georges
12/02 – 2 mile run – St. Georges
14/02 – 3.5 mile run – Wick St. Lawrence
15/02 – 2.5 mile run – St. Georges
18/02 – 2 mile run – St. Georges
19/02 – 2 mile run – St. Georges
20/02 – 2.75 mile run – Worle, Weston-super-Mare
21/02 – 8.25 miles – Sand Point and Sand Bay
23/02 – 2 mile run – St. Georges
24/02 – 2 mile run – St. Georges
26/02 – 2 mile run – St. Georges
28/02 – 5.5 miles – West Hewish, North Somerset

Total for February 2021 = 65.5 miles

Another busy and successful week of running, then! I’m not currently looking to train for anything like a 10K or Half Marathon. Little and often is working well for me. Having this regular habit – if not always a routine – reaps many personal benefits for my fitness and wellbeing.

Kewstoke and Sand Bay, from Middle Bay and Sand Point.

By the end of January, I was beginning to feel as though I was growing tired of those familiar walks out to Sand Point and Sand Bay and, once I’d documented them even once for YouTube, I felt as though was little point in me going back there too often. In fact, I only made it out there once in the whole of February.

View from Uphill Hill.

For one Sunday only, I drove across to the opposite corner of Weston-super-Mare and began what would become a longer walk. Bending my own lockdown rules and preparing to walk out from my local area… It’s not something I’ve wanted to encourage, as much as I did benefit from the change of scenery and challenge of multiple hills.

Brean Down beyond Uphill Marina.

Crook Peak.

There are still plenty of local places that I won’t travel to until restrictions are eased. We can all allow ourselves to feel a little bit more relaxed and optimistic, with the knowledge now that “Lockdown 3.0” should be ending at the end of March.

We’ll most likely end up in some form of a “tier” system – and hopefully, this time, it’ll be a blanket covering for the whole of England, without striving to divide one county from its neighbour.

Uphill and the end of the West Mendip Way.

Beyond that, there’s a suggestion that we could see a “more normal” summer in 2021, with further easing of rules to follow through May and June.

Local “mudness”…

Even the mud is beginning to dry out, in some areas. Deep pits remain beneath many over-used kissing gates. PRoW and path maintenance teams could be very busy this summer, whenever they’re allowed to work again! A spell of dry weather has brought with it the promise of better things to come with the imminent spring.

Current total for 2021 = 142 miles

Thanks for reading.

Author: Olly Parry-Jones

I live in Weston-super-Mare, close to the Mendip Hills in Somerset and I enjoy time spent outdoors, whether that's walking, camping or backpacking. My day job involved making furniture from recycled wood (I'm a furniture maker and carpenter by trade). I have two blogs: Olly Writes (woodworking, DIY, baking) Walks With Olly (walking, camping and kit) You can also find me on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. My second YouTube channel is titled 'Walks with Olly'.

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