Oakhill, Somerset

Saturday 17th November 2018

I don’t do too many walks in the eastern half of Somerset. It’s really not that far from home but, each time I do head out that way, I either come home having lost something or find myself frustrated by a flurry of footpath obstructions.

Having just purchased a book at the time, titled Beyond Bristol Walks, I decided to head out and follow one of Robin Tetlow’s routes.

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East Mendip Way: Croscombe to Cranmore Tower

Follow my walk along the first half half of the East Mendip Way; starting in Croscombe, joining the trail near Wells and passing through Shepton Mallet to reach Cranmore Tower. I’m aiming to walk the second half towards Frome quite soon.

Saturday 14th October 2017

I’ve walked the full-distance of the West Mendip Way several times now. But I never venture in the other direction to follow the East Mendip Way.

This is the first of two walks where I attempt to complete the nineteen-mile trail, which crosses Somerset from Wells to Frome.

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