#walk1000miles: June 2018

Six-months of the year; gone and never to be reclaimed or repeated. Six-months to go. A half-year of opportunity.

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#walk1000miles – January 2018

Officially, I am not looking to #walk1000miles this year, having come so close in 2016 and exceeding the total last year.

But I will be tracking my mileage as the months go on, as I’m interested to see how I may fair in a more ‘normal’ and less challenging year.

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#walk1000miles: November 2017

#walk1000miles 2017: I’ve done it!! With an entire month to spare! 😀

I’ve done it! As of last night, I’ve officially completed my #walk1000miles challenge and with one whole month to spare!

On the Wales Coast Path, last month.

At the end of October, I had 922.25 miles in the bag. Let’s take a look at how November 2017 went.

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